Another big sponsor of DEATHSQUAD is Alias Society. They used the Studio Wish List to help us with items we need for our studio. PLEASE check out all their stuff at WWW.ALIASSOCIETY.COM. “Art, Life, Image, and Style,” That’s what Alias Society stands for. Established in 2007, from Northern California, with four opportunists willing to bid it all. Now, with only two remaining fashion enthusiasts (O.C. Thomas, and Troy Lockwood), Alias Society is hitting hard ground; coming with new shirt collections every month in exclusive and limited waves. Alias has worked with some big names, from Ras Kass, to Elm Company, to Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and has been heavy on their hustle, networking from Tokyo, to New York, To Australia, and Las Vegas. Alias Society differs from the rest; they stay consistent and versatile, staying true to themselves and bringing creative and new ideologies to their consumers. Like any other independent business, Alias Society has hit many speed bumps and forks. However, despite all confrontations that they seem to run into, Alias never stops trailing toward their goal for success. It’s been three years in the making and Alias Society has gone far. Every shirt made is pre-shrunk, crisp, and hand pressed for certain customer satisfaction at boutique quality. Customer Service is what Alias Society push towards. They are always trying to bring what’s fresh and true to their consumers. Their shirt prints range from different topics, such as politics, to […]

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