I really dont have time anymore to do my in depth reviews of technology that I love to do so much. Podcasts have really taken 100% of my free time. BUT – that doesn’t mean I dont still personally review every item I get my hands on. So I have decided to do some quick reviews, giving you the meat of what I feel about an item. One of the best purchases I have made recently, I cant recommend enough. If you’re looking for a fun camera, that you can constantly upgrade its lenses with almost any lens possible is the Sony NEX-5N. You have probably seen the amazing quality upgrade on the recent blog videos. Its amazing. Below is a quick video review I did, and some links to different accessories I have purchased and used for it. If you’re looking for an amazing camera, with crazy video quality – check it out. If you want to purchase it, please use the links here. It will help fund our podcasts. Look for more reviews, more frequently here. – Brian LINKS OF ITEMS I RECOMMEND- – SONY NEX-5N – BUY NOW AT AMAZON – SONY WIDE ANGEL LENS – BUY NOW AT AMAZON – A BETTER MIC FOR VIDEO – LENS ADAPTERS FOR CANON, NIKON, ETC – USE YOUR OLD LENSES!

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