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17 Responses to SKEPTIC TANK #5

  1. Johnny Questions says:

    Ari you better not let Joe talk you out of a bad-ass podcast title like “Skeptic Tank” Joe may be wise.. but this time he is dead wrong, his suggestions for your podcast were awful. And I love Joe Rogan.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Audio file coming soon?
    How soon?

  3. Barrett says:

    I don’t think anything is wrong with Skeptic Tank. Maybe it could be “Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank.” Jew Clam is pretty fucking funny though.

  4. MFalz says:

    agreed, keep skeptic tank

  5. silverthorn says:

    I dig Skeptic Tank myself.I’m suprised Rogan didn’t come up with Ari Shaffir Factor.

  6. Blake says:

    You should just call it “The Tank”. Skeptic implies a degree of uncertainty about whatever you are talking about. Unless that’s what you’re looking for. Nonetheless I fucking love it.

  7. nick says:

    “i am jewclam, from ari shaffir” gets your name out and keeps the hillarity of jewclam

  8. nick says:

    you could also get some hot jewish broads on the show and call it jew spank tank

  9. Luciano says:

    Love the Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank! I could watch or listen to one everyday, the topics are great and Ari is very funny. I’m a big fan, keep it up! Just so you know Skeptic tank, Marc Maron, TJRE, and Jay and Bob get old are my favorites.

  10. JOE says:

    It really sounds like Joe is dominating the podcast. I’m at 10mins and no talk of skepticism. Is this a skeptic podcast? I’ll keep trying to listen…

  11. CatRapist says:

    Joe’s off on this one.

    Definitely keep Skeptic Tank as a name.

    As much as I like Joe, and the whole unstructured vibe of his podcast, I really like what Ari’s doing with the more focussed Skeptic Tank.

    I also like the fact Ari seems both more skeptical of irrational nonsense, but also more open to other peoples subjective preferences.

    Keep up the good work, Ari and Redban!

  12. (jh) says:

    Skeptic Tank is good, but is already in use.

    I understand Joe’s point about captain obvious marketing by putting Ari’s name in the title. Google search does not turn up the podcast in the top results, but as it grows it will go up higher.

    Rogan NYC (some clothing co or something) comes up first if you Google “rogan”. …People who use the internet to get things can figure it out
    The Skeptic Tank is a BBS which maintains extensive archives on scientifically questionable groups, individuals, and ideologies. Message board and articles.

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  13. rigo OC says:

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  14. rigo OC says:

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  15. rigo OC says:

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  16. Mumbles says:

    Joe Rogan can be very right and he can be very wrong. This time, he is very wrong. Viva Skeptic Tank!!!