• PODCATS #1

    PODCATS #1

    Here is episode one of our new podcast called “Cats”. Me and Joey Diaz will be doing on the fly podcasts from all over the world and all about cats. Please excuse this website, it’s still being put together when free time isĀ available.

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    Threesomes, GIJoe, Brody Stevens, Myspace, Porn, and Randy Quaid sounds like a gay voice in South Park.

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    Judd’s “Funny People” seems very familiar, Duncan Trussel’s hilarious Kidnapped video, and Ari Shaffir calls into the DeathSquad Studio located on top of Paris Hilton’s house in Tokyo.

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    The pilot of episode of me and Joey’s new podcast. We talk about cats, Eminem and Mariah Carey, Dogs, points, Michael Jackson, weed, ufc, fire in the Clift Hotel, and a phone call to Ari Shaffir.

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