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21 Responses to Donate! (if you can)

  1. rod says:

    man i’m a poor artist but if i had some spare cash i’d donate fo sure! keep up the awesome work man the podcasts keep me going at the easel and they are fucking hilarious!

  2. lee britt says:

    Redban! Keep workin’ man. You are on the verge of a revolution. Happy to help!

  3. Hey, gave you $20 bucks… hope this helps.

  4. Marley Marl says:

    Really fkn enjoying these podcasts, I live in Thailand (from NZ) so it’s so good to have to to listen to, will be sending some money your way.

  5. Ryan Brock says:

    my mom just gave me 4 bucks for suckin her poo juice, ill donate 2

    • BillBrasky4real says:

      Need donations? Make it interesting for me. How much to co-star in a blackout cast?

  6. Brain,
    that was so hard to hear with the bill burr/JR podcast. Your point was 100% on point! It was totally fucked. Yes, they put it out there but the rss feed is out there for exactly for what you said. They think itunes is where its at. I listend to every one of your and Jr’s “podcasts” but listened to none of them on itunes. They dont realize that there are millions of non podcasts listeners

    • Fuck, Brian, not Brain…anywho…there is no place that I saw to dontate. Tried to reach out on twitter but you get a few too many cunts acting like assholes. I appreciate what you brought along. Joe would have been way too high to do that by himself..and then he argues with you about rss feeds…

  7. Charles Norris says:

    HUGE fan of the Deathsquad casts…!! I listen to them while getting work done out in the garden up here in Humboldt. Maybe next time I make a trip down to the LA area I can “sponsor” a podcast in “produce”… LOL!!!

  8. Derrell Victory says:

    $25.00 just sent to you man. Love the show, love all the guests. Like I said in the notes on my donation, keep them crazy bitches from Craigslist on Craigslist!!!! Ever think of having Fleshlight sponsor you as well??? Much love!

  9. Nick Riddell says:

    Just chipped in, you’re doing a great job man, keep up the good work! I would endorse advertising if you can get it. I know some people complain about it, but if you have ads set up Smodcast network style at the front of the casts that would be good, especially if the show hosts do, and have fun with, their own ads.

  10. MindHamster says:

    Do you charge to let people make podcasts with your studio? Just wondering about you business model.I will use amazon to donate to you, That is an amazing way to get donations. I am thinking of building a podcat studio in Vancouver B.C.

  11. Lovelle says:

    Having server issues? Have you looked at Libsyn (liberated syndication).?

  12. Rob says:

    Put the donate button at the top of the site Redban. C’mon why are you hiding it at the bottom of the page?

  13. ggwicz says:

    Redban, why don’t you release podcasts like two or three days behind, then charge like $3.00 or $5.00 per month for subscribers to access the podcasts the day they come out? I’d be happy to make the system for you for free.

  14. TJ says:

    I’ll donate if you get off the iWagon and recognize that you have listeners that use other media marketplaces. Zune>iTunes and soon enough Windows Phone 7 > iPhone/Android. podcasts shouldn’t be branded media sources, but media accessible through many different outlets. Stop advertising for only them, or at least acknowledge the other outlets.

    thx, love this shit, but I fuckin hate Apple and the iDouche revolution.

    fucking trendy, bandwagon eliteist fucktards. die.

    Thanks, have a great day!

  15. Anthony George says:

    Just sent $10 Love the Shows.

  16. Mister dog says:

    Deathsquad! Keep it up!

  17. Jacob Schwartz says:

    Im a graphic/web designer and I would love to offer some free design work on t-shirts, web promos, print, or wordpress. Thank you DeathSquad for keeping me sane, I owe you. email me if you come up with anything you want to see. Holla!

  18. Fredrik says:

    Why no RSS feed dude? wtf?